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Shoe sole pad

13 Jun

Love your high hells but scare of embarrassment moments? The Outsole non-slip shoe grip is a self-adhesive pad that sticks on the sole of the shoes to increase the friction between the floor and shoes in order to prevent slips. These non-slips shoe pads work great for wet and slick surfaces.  They can be used for high heels, boots or sandals.

A safe walk, in 2 steps:

1.  Clean the sole of your shoes

2. Stick the non-slip grip.


Some benefits

  It will not mark floors

√  Extra life to soles

  Fit all shoe shapes and sizes


They can be used in women and men shoes

Where to find it? Buy Non-Slip Outsole grip for shoes  

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Invisible socks

23 May

If you thought that wearing a flat didn’t allow you to use a sock, maybe you were right but in the past. Nowadays, you’ve got different colors, shapes, fabrics and styles. These socks are small, tight and comfortable  to your feet, so whenever you use your shoes no one can see them.

Some of the reason why we love them

  Your feet don’t sweat  as much as if they were without socks

  Help your feet avoid to get dry

  A great solution for an pedicure emergency (save embarrassed moments if you haven’t got time to do it)

Where to find it?  Buy invisible women socks 

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