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Shine Nail Buffer

11 Jul

When nail polish isn’t an option, there is an alternative treatment that will give you the same results as a clear polish. This unique buffer will make your nails shine like magic without the use of chemicals. When you buffer, it creates a top coat shine that will last for a week. It’s a great ally for women who cannot use nail polish at work or school. Now you don’t have to quit the idea of having a classic manicure.

In less than a minute:

1.  One side buffs the nail surface

2. The other side smooths out and shines the nails


√  400% Shinier than bare nails

√  Easy to use

  Chemical free

Make the nails smoother

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Color changing nail polish

16 May

Looking for ways to spice up your look a little bit? The color changing nail plish can add that playfull touch to a cute outfit. This unique nail polish vary the hue according to the temperture, mood or activity. It comes in two tones, in cold temperture is one color and in hot temperture it turns to another color, like magic!



Just try it..

1-  Apply tha nail polish and let it dried

2- Take your hand to a cold water recepient and then into hot water. You’ll be amazed.

Some benefits

√  Original

  Match different colors of your outfit

  Long lasting effect

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