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Clutch Handbag

20 Jun

A clutch handbag is a “must” in any women wardrobe. This accessory will match any type of look  from casual to evening. Its fashionable and practical. The only challenge will be deciding what makes it into the purse.


Here is a clue of how to choose a clutch handbag

Why we love them?



√  Stylish

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Foldable bag

9 May

This is by far our favorite travel accessory. It’s functional and practical. Everyone in the past has had a moment in her life when you were running out of space maybe in an airport or in a terminal. A foldable bag are perfect for the last minutes souvenirs or that extra sweater that you bring with you for the road. You’ll find these bags in several qualities, sizes and budgets.


√  Easy to pack

√  Very Light

√  Save you money and time

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