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Shine Nail Buffer

11 Jul

When nail polish isn’t an option, there is an alternative treatment that will give you the same results as a clear polish. This unique buffer will make your nails shine like magic without the use of chemicals. When you buffer, it creates a top coat shine that will last for a week. It’s a great ally for women who cannot use nail polish at work or school. Now you don’t have to quit the idea of having a classic manicure.

In less than a minute:

1.  One side buffs the nail surface

2. The other side smooths out and shines the nails


√  400% Shinier than bare nails

√  Easy to use

  Chemical free

Make the nails smoother

Where to find it?   Buy Revlon Crazy Shine

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Touch-on highlights

4 Jul

This product will give you the control of your style at your fingertips. The results will be a salon-perfect highlights without caps, folls or hassles. It will color your hair from the root to tip.


Steps to use the product:

1. Put the developer and the bleach powder into the mixing tray

2.Apply to your hair strands with the rubber fingertip


Some benefits

Simple to use it (control-touch)

Save money

Natural radiant effect

Where to find it?   Buy L’oreal Touch-on Highlights

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