Shine Nail Buffer

11 Jul

When nail polish isn’t an option, there is an alternative treatment that will give you the same results as a clear polish. This unique buffer will make your nails shine like magic without the use of chemicals. When you buffer, it creates a top coat shine that will last for a week. It’s a great ally for women who cannot use nail polish at work or school. Now you don’t have to quit the idea of having a classic manicure.

In less than a minute:

1.  One side buffs the nail surface

2. The other side smooths out and shines the nails


√  400% Shinier than bare nails

√  Easy to use

  Chemical free

Make the nails smoother

Where to find it?   Buy Revlon Crazy Shine

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Touch-on highlights

4 Jul

This product will give you the control of your style at your fingertips. The results will be a salon-perfect highlights without caps, folls or hassles. It will color your hair from the root to tip.


Steps to use the product:

1. Put the developer and the bleach powder into the mixing tray

2.Apply to your hair strands with the rubber fingertip


Some benefits

Simple to use it (control-touch)

Save money

Natural radiant effect

Where to find it?   Buy L’oreal Touch-on Highlights

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Crystal Mesh Jewelry

27 Jun

If you’re a delicate jewelry lover, you’ll like this. This new Jewelry trend is about a mesh tubing filled with crystals inside. The result is an eye-catching piece of art that sparks. The mesh can be stuffed with swarovski or Czech crystals. It’s used in necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Some benefits

√  Versatile, functional and simple

Elegant and delicate


It can be worn with different outfits.

Where to find it? Buy Crystal Mesh jewelry 

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Clutch Handbag

20 Jun

A clutch handbag is a “must” in any women wardrobe. This accessory will match any type of look  from casual to evening. Its fashionable and practical. The only challenge will be deciding what makes it into the purse.


Here is a clue of how to choose a clutch handbag

Why we love them?



√  Stylish

Where to find them? Buy Clutch handbag

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Shoe sole pad

13 Jun

Love your high hells but scare of embarrassment moments? The Outsole non-slip shoe grip is a self-adhesive pad that sticks on the sole of the shoes to increase the friction between the floor and shoes in order to prevent slips. These non-slips shoe pads work great for wet and slick surfaces.  They can be used for high heels, boots or sandals.

A safe walk, in 2 steps:

1.  Clean the sole of your shoes

2. Stick the non-slip grip.


Some benefits

  It will not mark floors

√  Extra life to soles

  Fit all shoe shapes and sizes


They can be used in women and men shoes

Where to find it? Buy Non-Slip Outsole grip for shoes  

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Hair Lightener: Sun in

6 Jun

 Sun-In Hair lightener is a perfect solution to get your own salon style look. It brings the natural highlight of blonde an brown hair. Get a lighter hair color just by using the Spray without utilizing hair dye.

Easy steps

1-Add some sun-in hair lightener in wet hair and comb it in order to get uniform resutls

2-Let it dried with the sun or for faster resutls blow the hair.

Some benefits


Easy to use

Natural effect

Long lasting

Where to find it? Buy Sun-In Hair lightener

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Fabric Jewelry

30 May

Whenever we talk about accessories, we know that the creativity used to design them is endless. Fabric Jewelry has been a way to reinvent how those material are used. You can find different accesories, some of them are made 100% , others have pearls or pieces in gold or silver.

Why we love them

Easy to storage (if you are travel)

Lighter than other necklace

Very original

Where to find it?  Buy Fabric Jewlery

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Invisible socks

23 May

If you thought that wearing a flat didn’t allow you to use a sock, maybe you were right but in the past. Nowadays, you’ve got different colors, shapes, fabrics and styles. These socks are small, tight and comfortable  to your feet, so whenever you use your shoes no one can see them.

Some of the reason why we love them

  Your feet don’t sweat  as much as if they were without socks

  Help your feet avoid to get dry

  A great solution for an pedicure emergency (save embarrassed moments if you haven’t got time to do it)

Where to find it?  Buy invisible women socks 

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Color changing nail polish

16 May

Looking for ways to spice up your look a little bit? The color changing nail plish can add that playfull touch to a cute outfit. This unique nail polish vary the hue according to the temperture, mood or activity. It comes in two tones, in cold temperture is one color and in hot temperture it turns to another color, like magic!



Just try it..

1-  Apply tha nail polish and let it dried

2- Take your hand to a cold water recepient and then into hot water. You’ll be amazed.

Some benefits

√  Original

  Match different colors of your outfit

  Long lasting effect

Where to find it?  Buy Color Changing Nail Polish  

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Foldable bag

9 May

This is by far our favorite travel accessory. It’s functional and practical. Everyone in the past has had a moment in her life when you were running out of space maybe in an airport or in a terminal. A foldable bag are perfect for the last minutes souvenirs or that extra sweater that you bring with you for the road. You’ll find these bags in several qualities, sizes and budgets.


√  Easy to pack

√  Very Light

√  Save you money and time

Where to find it?  Buy foldable bags

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